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Frequently Asked Questions (updated July 10, 2021)

​Church Merger Slides (prepared by Josh Erickson of PRPC)

Stages and Speed of a Merger

Stage 1 Report - Moving from Exploratory to Negotiation Stage 2

If you feel called to serve on the merged church’s governing boards (Session, Trustees, Deacons) after the merger is completed, please contact Jim Oates, Julie Halley, or Bill Weinman.

​MERGER TIMELINE (July 28, 2021)

August 4 - NCC Session meeting to vote on the Final Merger Declaration (PRPC Session will vote in July). 
Sunday, August 15 - Merger Town Hall after worship to provide opportunity to answer questions before next week's merger vote.

Sunday, August 22 – If approved by both Sessions, separate but concurrent Congregational Meetings held at both churches to vote on the merger Declaration. Approval of the merger requires 2/3 of voting active members present at the meeting to ratify the merger. Voting will be done in person using paper ballots. Soon after the successful vote to merge, NCC worship services will move to Park Ridge Presbyterian Church, and NCC members can transfer to PRPC.
Tuesday, September 21 – POC Assembly finalizes the NCC-PRPC Merger. 

Future Date - Once all the terms of the Declaration are met, the merger will be finalized.