Sunday October 3 - Celebration of the life of NCC at our last worship service in the facilities. No future worship services will be held here.

Sunday October 10 - Worship begins at PRPC. 

Tuesday, September 21 – POC Assembly finalizes the NCC-PRPC Merger. 

On September 21, the Presbytery approved the merger of Niles Community Church with Park Ridge Presbyterian Church, which finalizes this merger. Our last worship service in the Oakton building is Sunday October 3 at 10am followed by a luncheon. Starting Sunday October 10 at 10am, all worship services will be held at:

Park Ridge Presbyterian Church
1300 West Crescent Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068

e-mail:  office@parkridgepresby.org, main phone:  (847) 823-4135

The merger exploration began in January 2021. Since that time, both churches have begun exploring the possibility of a church merger. This is a very exciting invitation and an opportunity that we believe God will use to bless all involved.

NCC is scheduled to have a final worship service on Sunday, October 3, 2021. A Merger Celebration Sunday has been scheduled for Sunday, October 10, 2021 when PRPC will welcome the new members from NCC and celebrate the merger at our new church home.

A Merger Exploration Team (MET) was formed by both Sessions to help guide the conversation. The MET will function in an advisory capacity to the Sessions during the merger exploration conversation. This team will also be available individually and collectively to help facilitate listening and communication with the congregations. The MET consists of three members from each church and Pastor Josh Erickson of PRPC. The members of the MET from NCC are Jim Oates, Julie Halley, and Bill Weinman. All three are ruling elders and long-time members of NCC. The members of the team from PRPC are Corinne Farrell (PRPC lead), Jeff Doering, Carson McVay, and Pastor Josh, facilitator. Corinne is currently serving on the Board of Trustees. Jeff and Carson are both currently serving on our Session.